Decorative Films

Whether you are looking to create privacy in your business or home or if you are searching for a cost-effective and innovative way to give an area a new appearance, then privacy and decorative films are the answer to your problem.

We provide a wide range of Privacy & Decorative Film in the business/workplace that:

- are cost-effective, visually appealing and innovative

- maintain natural outdoor light

- seperate any rooms anywhere in the building, and even help to conceal valuables within the building.

- are a multifunctional design tool that can instantly transform any glass surface into a decorative feature whilst at the same time enhance your corporate identity. We are able to incorporate your company’s logo, pictures and words into the film work through a limitless number of creative options that render your workplace more professional and visually appealing to all those that visit

- can be used to enhance the look of older buildings making them appear more modern an stylish, or to compliment the image of newer buildings.


For more information on our decorative films, please contact us